Saturday, November 21

Shifting House

awesome possum. we have successfully imported the contents of this blog to another bloghosting site, Wordpress, which has so far proved to be much more manageable, much more sleeker looking and less frustrating for the technologically retarded administrator of the team's blog a.k.a. waimin

the new blog is still in the works, so please bear with us for the time being as we smooth out the 'kinks and krooks' there may be :)

just wanted to share a happy thing with you guys... please click on the picture to see a larger view, because that thing is really a magic button :P

Friday, November 20

High School Crush Theme Party @ Mist Club, Bangsar

It was .... lots of hot chicks in plaid skirts & white blouses, no jocks stereotypes (surprisingly), school ties, and 'nerdy' thick-framed glasses (which were given out free at the club's entrance).

The Rebels had performed a 6 man (and woman :p) show Wednesday night at Mist Club, Bangsar in conjunction with the club's "High School Crush" theme. After all, what is a high school theme without a typical pep rally showcase of cheerleaders, eh? ;D

We performed twice to a happening crowd and we sincerely hoped that we had impressed them as they did not seem too pleased to be shoo-ed off the dance floor for our 4-5 minute performance :p (4-5 minutes is exceptionally long for a cheerleading routine, by the way. we were knackered, the six of us!)

in the storage room they let us use to change and whatnot

in between performances

outside the club

Thursday, October 29

Astro Battleground 2009 Performance

We are glad to inform the dear followers of our humble blog of the fact that The Rebels has been given the awesome opportunity to perform for one of Astro's Battleground Dance Competition episodes. {this is where you give a loud cheer of 'Hurray!'}

Date: 07 November 2009 (Saturday)
Time: 1:00pm onwards
Venue: Berjaya Times Square, KL (front entrance)
{this is where you note down the date, time and place in your diary to remind yourself to come support us}

The episode's theme, as we have been told, is 'Sports' and as we all know, cheerleading is a sport (if you don't, go eat pompoms and die XD). So one thing led to another and matters resulted in one of the producers of the show approaching us to ask if we could be the opening gambit for that particular 'Sports' themed episode. {this is where you cheer loudly in agreement again}

Needless to say, we are very much elated at such an opportunity and also maybe, a tad nervous because this is after all, quite an important event. The producers have made quite some requests as well, and since when has extra criteria/conditions ever ease a performer's nerves, right? ;) among the requests, are:

  • 9 cheerleaders
  • integrate the celebrity hosts/emcees into our routine i.e. let them perform with us
  • escort the participants in that episode's round as the emcees introduce each team
  • work with a rather restrictive stage dimension: 18ft x 20ft

The plus side, we guess, would be that we get to be on TV! .... (more specifically, Astro Wah Lai Toi Channel 311) woohoo ;D The show's episodes air every Saturday at 7:00pm.

Anyway, on an end note, we hope all goes well with this performance :)

p.s. we will be watching out for you supporters... we had better see a lot of blue and white/silver pompoms and placards that declare your love for us when we are performing. Or else... *gives evil threatening squint* muahahahaa..... haaa... hahaa.. ok..

Thursday, October 8


The most important thing you need to have in a routine is a sense of performance.

It is so important that without it, even if you were to execute a difficult and impressive routine cleanly, you will still be missing that X-factor. But if you execute an average and maybe even slightly less-than-perfect routine with confidence and a sense of performance, your team will be the one that leaves the strongest impression upon the audience :)

When you perform a routine, it is not just about knowing your part and just performing them with that concentrated look on your face that has you staring at the floor throughout the whole routine. (dear less experienced members of The Rebels, do take note of this :] )

No. It is about performance, as well. Make eye contact with your audience to let them see how confident you are. Engage the crowd. Tell them to or make them go WILD at your performance. Perform. Chest out. Head high. Wear a look on your face that says, "Yeah, come on! Watch this! We're gonna rock your socks off!"

No room for shyness. You're on stage/mat! These are the only times you get to be cockily confident and not be hated for it :p Your chance to be flirtatious and be someone entirely different!

The exhilaration of performing and hearing the crowd scream for you. There is no drug which can substitute that satisfaction. Off stage, you can be incredibly timid. But on stage, you are in a different world. Take me for example, I dare not let go of myself and enjoy dancing freely on a dance floor at social events/places. Honest to goodness, I have friends who can testify that they have had to drag me onto the dance floor and even then I just stood there superbly shy and scared :p But they can also tell you that I am totally different when I am performing. Heck, I get so enthusiastic that I may just be actually scaring the crowd with my ferocity/intensity (which, of course, I do not recommend you to do) :p

It is not just about doing a routine. It is about performing ;)

So get your butts onto the mat and wow the crowd, Rebels. Show them that we are bloody good and that we are darn proud of it!

Bytheway,.... having a fixed grin on your face is not the same as a genuine proud smile.

Tuesday, September 8

Note to the dear readers of this blog

hey guys, someone has used the name 'waimin' to reply to bobo's message in our chatbox saying that we've sold out our t-shirts. This is not true. We still have t-shirts available if you would like to purchase them. We would like to request for all the visitors to this blog to email your queries directly to our email ( next time to avoid being misled by irresponsible parties. thank you :)

Tuesday, August 4

Please note. Important!

To all visitors to this site, please note that the individual using the name 'RebeLs' to post messages on the chatbox for the past couple of weeks is of an unknown identity.

The only persons moderating this blog is WaiMin and KimSwee. We have previously used the name 'RebeLs' to post messages in our chatbox until recently. We will not continue to use the name 'RebeLs' until the aforementioned individual stops using it.

Therefore, please note that should any disrespect or misinformation be made by 'RebeLs', he or she DOES NOT represent the interest of The Rebels cheerleading team. The authorized representatives of our team are only KimSwee and WaiMin.

The Dinner after the Charm Cheerleading Championships 2009

The receipt from the dinner The Rebels had after the Charm Cheerleading Championships 2009.

The competition venue was at Cineleisure, Damansara. We walked over to The Curve and had lunch at the KimGary outlet there :pDinner was funded by the very generous parents of our members, who basically said, "Ok, here's RM*** . You guys use it to have a celebratory dinner lah!"